Milkman Media | Student Raises $17,000 for 4US
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Student Raises $17,000 for 4US

Student Raises $17,000 for 4US

4US is one of those organizations that Ryan and I truly believe in. 4US stands for UltraSound(s). Their mission is to raise money to purchase ultrasound machines for local pregnancy centers.

I remember the first dinner I had with Diego, Kim and their amazing family at The Hub in Tacoma. It was inspiring to hear the risk and sacrifice they have taken to spearhead this organization. Every year they have an annual event involving families, individuals and anyone in-between who is passionate about helping women who face crisis pregnancies.

They also desire to encourage individuals throughout the year to do just about anything to raise money 4US. One inspiring story Diego wanted to highlight is Allison, a local student who raised $17,000 in change 4US.

Allison’s story really became the “mold” for 4US’ entire “Get Involved Campaign”. Diego wants individuals around the city, state, nation and the world to realize that whatever you love to do, can be done to raise money 4US.

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